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IBF Net aims to develop human resources for the blockchain-driven businesses and economies in the Nusantara region that customarily includes Indonesia (population 267 million) and Malaysia (population 33 million). Both the countries have embarked on a technology-driven economic transformation. This demands a steady supply of human resources well-versed in emerging technologies, such as, cloud computing and blockchain, big data and analytics, IoT and what-have-you.

The Nusantara region is known for its creative people and start-ups. Indonesia has consistently been ranked high as a country with a large number of start-ups. As the results of a 2018 study show, Indonesia is ranked 6th after USA, India, UK, Canada and Germany and ahead of France, Australia, Spain and Brazil with 1944 start-ups in the list of TOP TEN countries with the highest number of start-ups in the world.


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The primary objective of the AlgoTrain Academy is to create, sustain and develop an Algorand blockchain community. With this in mind, IBF Net has launched the GCSABT Awards to give an opportunity to 20 deserving full stack software engineers to up their game and make an impact with Algorand. This is a unique opportunity for aspiring blockchain enthusiasts. Apply now to qualify for this award that gets the winners a full fee waiver for six weeks of instructor-led intensive learning in online format, ending with a capstone project leading to Certification in Algorand Blockchain Technology  (CeABT). 

Registration Closes:  July 31,2021
Awardees Announcement: August 02, 2021
Course Begins: August 09, 2021

Certified in Algorand Blockchain Technology

This is a flagship course under AlgoTrain Academy. It aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology with a specific focus on the Algorand protocol. It familiarizes the student with the wide ecosystem of Algorand blockchain technology. It enables the student to write and deploy smart contracts for a wide spectrum of development possibilities available on Algorand. It focuses on developing key technical skills through instructor-led hands-on experience. It culminates with the students applying their knowledge and skills by implementing a capstone project as well as conducting techno-economic analysis of real-life projects from a range of Algorand use cases.To join the CeABT program, you must be a full-stack software engineer with good knowledge in algorithm and data structures and should have experience in developing applications using Node.js, understanding API design and development, and basic database concepts.

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Project Algotrain aims to build a community of professionals well-versed in  blockchain and other emerging technologies in SE Asia with a sharp focus on the Algorand  protocol, train software professionals,  full-stack developers in Algorand protocol and offer short-term certification programs;  and conduct webinars, workshops on a regular basis.

Xcellence is currently under development as a use case of the Benevolence initiative and to demonstrate the use of emerging technologies – blockchain, AI etc. – for all-round child development and foster care.

In phase one, it involves developing a platform to cater to the needs of orphanages and foster care homes in Indonesia and demonstrate the use technology to link such institutions as part of a network to other actors, such as, donors, vendors, service providers and to improve and automate specific processes for enhancing efficiency and impact .

Deliverance is under development as a use case of the Benevolence initiative that aims to rejuvenate the Islamic endowment (Waqf) sector in countries, such as, India and Indonesia.

 It undertakes a process of verification and validation of the existing data on waqf assets through voluntary action by members of the community and preserves the validated database on blockchain. Deliverance in the next phase would host a dedicated crowdfund for “selected” waqf development projects.

This product currently under development combines a blockchain based platform with RFID tagging (designed to be both tamper and theft-proof) to ensure provenance of the sacrificial animals for the annual festival of Eid al-Adha. 

The product also includes a Qurbani-Linked-Sukuk (QLS) token for raising funds from investors and waqf contributors worldwide to scale up and widen the portfolio of livestock that undergo the process of augmenting value. The QLS tokens of two types involve smart contracts based on fixed-term mudharabah muqayyadah (restricted mudarabah) and temporary waqf respectively. 

Provenance of livestock via a digital system also opens the door to develop new use cases enabling farmers to unlock the value of their livestock for insurance and collateralizable loans.

Project Benevolence seeks to mainstream and institutionalize charitable and benevolent action (Sadaqah) – contribution of Efforts (SE) and of Assets (SA) – through its objective measurement and conversion into tokens of value or social cryptos called IBFs

It uses Algorand blockchain protocol to build an integrated platform for SA and SE with a view to enhancing the efficiency and effectivensess of the twin processes of mobilization and allocation of the scarce sadaqah or “benevolence-driven” resources. The first use case under this framework to go onstream is a plaform to facilitate Qard al-Hasan (Benevolent Loan).

Recurrence is a blockchain-based platform under development for Relationship-Based Transactions (RBT) in the Islamic framework based on original in-house research at IBF Net.

The Platform is being developed with support from the Tezos Foundation at varying levels of complexity – (1) for micro-charity recurring payments (2) for facilitating micro-trade for recurring and transparent transactions for halal businesses. Recurrence-I dealing with charity is now ready to be launched. Download the Concept Paper on Relationship-Based Transactions (RBTs) here.

IBFx is being designed to be the crypto currency of the virtual Islamic Business and Finance Network. During the process of building up the virtual network, IBFx serves as a closed-loop virtual currency used for payment in intra-network transactions. 

IBF Net is currently implementing a range of programs and activities that will facilitate exchange of values in addition to ideas, views and throughts among members, This is expected to lead to a steady increase in volume of transactions, and enhancement in the “intrinsic value” of the currency. Given the closed-loop nature, the currency will contrinue to be unregulated. 

At a cut-off level of fundamental value, expected to materialize in 2022-23, IBFx would be converted to a regulated open crypto.